Lehigh County

Police ask residents to avoid black bear seen roaming one town in Lehigh County

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A black bear was seen taking a stroll through a town in Lehigh County early Thursday morning.

The Emmaus Police Department shared surveillance photos of the animal wondering the streets on Facebook and they have asked the public to leave it alone.

"Early this morning we had a visitor wandering through town. If you leave him or her alone you will be fine. The bear has an ear tag and the PA Game Commission has been notified. Thank you for your cooperation," the Emmaus Police Department said in the Facebook post.

The Pennsylvania Game Commission says Bear attacks are extremely rare, however if you encounter one you should get back and stay calm.

If you see a bear, make some noise to alert the bear of your presence, giving it ample time and space to leave, officials say.

In a situation where a bear does come in for an attack you should fight back. Officials say bears have been driven away when people have fought back with rocks, sticks and other objects.

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