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More Eventful Alien Intrigue Planned for "The Event's" Full-Season Future



    What’s looming on “The Event’s” horizon?

    NBC’s serialized sci-fi thriller has quickly claimed the title of TV’s most intrigue-laced new series, doling out plot twists with a burgeoning cast of characters and "Lost"-ian style revelatory flashbacks. And now that the show’s been picked up for a full 22-episode season, executive producer Evan Katz promises a lot more big “events” up ahead.

    “The show’s designed so that every season ends with a big event, so I can say that there’s a tremendously big event at the end of Season One,’ Katz teased, noting that “The Event’s” seemingly disparate plotlines “will start to come together about midway through the season.”

    Katz said a wealth of inventive fan speculation about the true nature of the show’s extraterrestrial contingent has yet to hit the bulls-eye. “I would say there is a surprise – a big surprise – coming about who they really are. But I don’t think anyone’s really hit on it yet – exactly, anyway.”

    Katz, who spent several seasons at the helm of “24,” said "The Event's" full-season order was a relief because the show's overall story arc can be played out as originally envisioned.“The game plan has always been 22 episodes,” he explained. “I guess the challenge would’ve been what would’ve happened if we didn’t get 22 episodes. You sort have to go into something like this hoping for success. It just sort of means we’re going according to plan.”

    “We know where we want to end,” he added. “We have a couple of benchmarks that we want to hit along the way. But to a certain extent, as we do episodes, we make sure we leave room for us to discover the story on its own and evolve what we discover about the stories and about the actors.”

    Part of that path involves tweaks to the show’s complicated – and sometime confusing – multi-viewpoint flashback sequences. “Multiple-point flashbacks in more than one story line I think was frustrating,” Katz said, “so you'll see this coming week Blake Sterling gets the same treatment that Simon Lee got in the last original airing. We’re going to use them really to enhance character and we are going to use them when they can enhance character, but we’re not religiously slaving to a certain number of flashbacks in every episode in multiple storylines."