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Phillie Phanatic Is the Real Star in Clearwater

Riding a Segway, renting a car, playing putt putt and more, the Phanatic is enjoying Clearwater



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    City of Clearwater

    The games have officially begun in Clearwater for the Phillies as they prepare for the 2012 season. But while the team is busy working, it appears our favorite mascot is enjoying himself around town. Clearwater Mayor George N. Cretekos presented the Phanatic with a key to the city Monday, but that’s not all the famous mascot has been up to.

    In a series of videos released this weekend by the City of Clearwater (they are shooting more today), the Phanatic is giving people a first-hand tour of some of the biggest attractions around town. In the first four videos, he can be seen playing putt putt, driving a Segway, renting a mini-car and riding the game-day trolley. The idea for the videos came as a collaborative effort of talks between the City of Clearwater, the Phillies and Imagine Communications, the city’s PR agency based out of New York.

    “The Phillies have been doing spring training here for a long time and we wanted to give fans an idea of everything else you could do here at the beach when there’s not a game,” says Lee Edelstein, the account director from Edelsten who has been tasked with traveling around town with the Phanatic. “We’ve been having a really great time with him. Just to see people and their reaction as they see him around town is incredible. We’ve finished filming and now we’re uploading as much as bandwidth will allow, so stay tuned.”

    Phillie Phanatic Driving on Clearwater Beach from City of Clearwater on Vimeo.

    Phillie Phanatic Driving Segway on Clearwater Beach from City of Clearwater on Vimeo.

    Phillie Phanatic Goes Putt Putt on Clearwater Beach from City of Clearwater on Vimeo.

    Future videos to be released include the Phanatic visiting popular local restaurants, attractions and more. The highlight so far, according to Edelstein, was a trip Monday to the Clearwater Marine Aquarium to visit Winter the Dolphin, a dolphin rescued from a crab trap, nursed back to health after losing her tail and who had a prosthetic tail created to allow her to swim once again. She was also the dolphin documented in the major Warner Bros. motion picture Dolphin Tale.

    “We just went up to the Clearwater Aquarium to see Winter,” Edelstein says. “And it was pretty hilarious. Winter got a little excited and splashed the Phanatic with a bit of water.”

    More videos are scheduled to be released on the City’s Vimeo page throughout the week.