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A More Powerful Alternative to Booing the Phillies

Don't boo at CBP, instead make no noise if you're upset with the Phillies



    The Phillies have underachieved this season as they have sloppily played themselves into the basement of National League East.

    After a 3-6 road trip filled with more poor decision making, bad at bats and pitching shortfalls, the Phillies faithful could be licking their chops to let the Phightins know what we feel about the apparent lack of fight the team has recently exhibited.

    Call on the boo birds, right?


    Let’s not do what everyone expects us to do as a 10-game homestand gets underway with the 31-37 Phils hosting struggling 25-40 Colorado. Let’s not boo. Let’s not let the boos rain down on Jimmy Rollins when he meanders up to the batter’s box to lead off the bottom of the first hauling a subpar .255 batting average and .303 on-base percentage.

    Instead of J-Roll hearing the boos let’s let him hear silence.

    What better way to show the Phightins -- who outside of pitcher Cole Hamels, closer Jonathan Papelbon, catcher Carlos Ruiz and extra hitter Jim Thome (in AL cities only) have been pedestrian -- our displeasure as a fan base than by greeting them with crickets.

    Seriously, boos are overrated, silence is golden.

    This team gets to play night in and night out in front of a packed house. The only way that packed house might be able to get a message to the guys that they aren’t happy is to make no noise at all. Boos can be drowned out or ignored, utter silence is hard to deny.