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How Many Adam Eatons Are There?

In a case of mistaken identitiy, current Diamondbacks minor leaguer mistakenly gets checks intended for former Phillies pitcher



    These days, there isn't much to laugh about if you're a Phillies fan. Your team looks like a MASH unit, your homegrown pitching star might be heading towards free agency, and the rest of the division got better while your team only got older.

    It's been a rough and humorless few weeks for the fans of the red pinstripers, so a shot of much-needed levity was in order. And who best to administer that shot than former Phillies pitcher Adam Eaton.

    As many of you know as the pitcher that former Phillies GM Pat Gillick signed the former Phillies draft pick to a three-year deal worth $24 million prior to the 2007 season. He would go on to have a historically bad 2007 (6.29 ERA in 161.2 innings pitched), a better (but still terrible) 2008, and was left off that year's postseason roster before being released the following season. He hasn't pitched since 2009.

    So, when I read this piece from Nick Piecoro of The Arizona Republic, I had to laugh, karma be damned.

    Long story short, Adam Eaton was to be delivered a handful of checks from MLB's licensing department that totaled more than $100,000. But instead of receiving this nice little bonus, they were delivered to the wrong guy with the right name -- specifically, Adam Eaton, the minor leaguer in the Arizona Diamondback's farm system.

    Not surprisingly, it was a shock for Arizona's Eaton, who is probably not flush with cash as a two-year professional without a big league cup of coffee to his name. Just one of those checks probably would have accounted for a good chunk of his annual salary.

    It's a humorous story in the vein of one of those comedies from the 80s, where two people accidentally swap lives for a week, and in the process, learn a little bit about themselves and this crazy, mixed up world we're living in.

    In the end, the the younger Eaton returned the checks to the older Eaton, who, thanks to the deal with the Phillies, probably wouldn't miss them.