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Trying to Make Sense of Andy Reid's Bizarre FG Choice



    You’re down 15 points with four minutes left in a football game. It’s 4th and goal from the 18-yard-line. You have only two timeouts remaining. Do you kick a field goal? No, that would be dumb. You’d still be down by two scores with not enough time left.

    It’s so obvious. Maybe you could kick the field goal and then try and onside kick. I guess that might make some sense. But really, a field goal serves no purpose here. It’s a stupid thing to do. There’s no way any coach would bother in that situation.

    Except for Andy Reid, of course.

    Yes, Sunday offered up another delightful episode of Big Red’s Adventures In Game Management, now the longest running comedy in NFL history! Surely, you remember Andy doing the EXACT same thing to his team just last year, when the Eagles lost to the Cowboys 20-16 after Reid elected to kick a meaningless 52-yard field goal with four minutes left and no timeouts instead of, you know, using math to his advantage and trying to actually win the game.

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    Let’s check the reaction on Twitter to Andy’s decision yesterday, shall we?

    RickAllen - Still flabbergasted that Andy Reid opted to kick a field goal when down 15 points. My gast is flabbered.

    dagotron - Let's tell Andy Reid that he can kick a super field goal from behind his own 40 for 6 points and see what happens.

    YahooSportsNFL - A field goal trailing 31-16 w/ under 5 mins left? Andy Reid is holding out for that elusive 12-point TD

    KenTremendous - Down by 15, 6 minutes left. Need two TDs. Kick a FG. You still need 2 TDs. What the hell is Andy Reid thinking

    Pfft. You armchair coaches know NOTHING about being a real head coach in NFL. Clearly, Andy was positioning his team to pull ahead in the ninth quarter.

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    After a nice win streak, Philly fans were again reminded Sunday that their head coach can always turn around and make them want to throw puppies out a window. That’s what you live with as an Eagles fan. You can’t quite savor every win, because you know Andy might pop out and butcher the next game at any moment. Fun, isn’t it? Excuse me while I go bathe with the hair dryer.