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"Till the Wheels Fall Off"



    After Sunday night's exciting win over the Dallas Cowboys, DeSean Jackson told NBC sideline reporter Andrea Kremer, "We gonna keep doin' this till the wheels fall off, baby!"

    While that was an awesome quote on its own, it's also an apt metaphor for the entire team's future, especially this season. If you think about the offensive weapons the Eagles have assembled, it's as close to an unstoppable force as they've assembled -- at least since the 2004 Super Bowl squad with younger versions of Donovan McNabb, Terrell Owens and Brian Westbrook. And the 2010 group -- led by a rejuvenated Michael Vick, Jackson's ridiculous speed, and LeSean McCoy's continued emergence as a dynamic runner -- may be more explosive than that group.

    Yet as much as the skill players present a tank rolling through opposing forces without care, averaging more than 33 points per game since the bye, it's the rusty, broken treads and Swiss cheese armor plating that may eventually bring the run to a halt. In other words, while the 60-yard passes from Vick to DeSean are flashy and amazing, they cover up huge deficiencies in the offensive line and defense.

    Clearly the Eagles have shown that they can win in a shootout. But they have little choice. The defense was already struggling, especially in the absence of interception machine Asante Samuel. And now, with the additional losses of Stewart Bradley and Brandon Graham for the rest of the regular season, the holes are widening into massive fissures that can't be covered up.

    The same thing on the offensive line, where protection wasn't exactly perfect even with Winston Justice playing. Having King Dunlap start at right tackle in his absence only solidifies the sense that Vick is risking his life with every pass attempt.

    The Eagles are an explosive, exciting team, that will keep throwing points on the board "Till the Wheels Fall Off." We can only hope that some duct tape can hold them on for a few weeks longer.