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The Picks: Eagles at Saints



    This is, as they say, go time. The Eagles are out of excuses and the next personnel move could involve coach Andy Reid packing up his belongings. So there is no margin for error because while it's not quite "win or go home," it's the next closest thing.

    ESPN: We're not sure if this is a good sign or not. The Eagles will travel to the Superdome, which, in general, would put them at a distinct disadvantage against one of the NFL's most high-powered offenses. Except that the Saints have looked worse than the Eagles this year after the bounty scandal led the NFL to suspend their coach, Sean Payton, for all of 2012. New Orleans is just 2-5, including last week's decisive loss to the Broncos. Knowing this, perhaps it's a good sign that half the ESPN experts like the Eagles, a team with their own problems. Interestingly, both Ron Jaworski and Eric Allen are on the Saints' bandwagon this week. Just like their ESPN counterparts,'s experts are split down the middle: half like the Saints, half like the Eagles. (Intriguing side note: Vegas has the Saints at -3.5, which sounds about right; the home team typically gets three points. And among 20 experts from two of the country's biggest sports sites, half are for Philly and half are for New Orleans.) For what it's worth,, which simulates the games thousands of times, likes the Eagles.

    Meanwhile,'s Pete Prisco also likes the Eagles, 37-33. He writes "This is a battle of two disappointing teams, but the Eagles still have some playoff hopes. The Saints are all but done. This could be the end of the Mike Vick era in Philly. Then again, the way the Saints play defense, it might revitalize it. New Orleans can't stop anybody. This is a track meet."

    Yahoo Sports: In a shocking development, the experts are split 50-50.

    What Vegas is saying: If this Saints game takes a turn for the worse, expect to see more prop bets like this (via

    What will be Andy Reid's future?
    Fired by the Eagles after the end of the Regular Season -140
    Be the Head Coach of the Eagles for Game 1 of the 2013 Regular Season +200
    Fired by the Eagles before end of Regular Season +250

    Upside: Reid's odds are better than Norv Turner, who's facing even odds to get canned by the end of the season. So there's that.

    Gabe the three-year-old yellow Lab (3-3). In the spirit of Halloween, we tossed some Scooby snacks in a green bowl (Philly) and a brown bowl (New Orleans) and let Gabe decide. After taking last week off last week, he went for the green bowl. This development should make Reid very happy.

    Me (3-4): We actually think the Eagles can salvage the season. It's not like they're the Chargers, where the whole operation needs to be blown up. Yes, Reid is perpetually on the hot seat, but Philly just needs to tweak a few things. That said, we don't think this is the week they do it. The Saints are good at home and they have Drew Brees. If the defense that showed up against the Falcons is the one we see in the Superdome, New Orleans could score 50 points. Saints, 35-31.