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More Respect, Less Hazing at Eagles Camp



    More Respect, Less Hazing at Eagles Camp

    Welcome to Eagles training camp, where rookies get some respect.
    There's no hardcore hazing -- it's an edict that starts with head coach Andy Reid.  After Monday morning's practice, I asked Reid about the policy.

      "I don't think it's productive," Reid said.  "I don't see any positive that comes out of it."
    Second year linebacker Moise Fokou got off easy last year.
    "Big Red's a real no hazing guy," Fokou said.  "The only thing was carrying veterans pads after practice."
    The Dolphins took that to a new level this summer, when rookie Travis Iveywas made to shoulder more than his share of pads.
    But over the weekend, the Broncos bucked that trend. Tim Tebow and his fellow first year teammates lost portions of their locks. Birds rookie Riley Cooper was Tebow's teammate, and roommate, and favorite target in college.
    Cooper didn't want to believe his former quarterback got punked like that.  Reporters surrounded the wide receiver Monday morning when he relayed a recent phone call with Tebow.
    "I said tell me that picture isn't real, and he said, 'yeah, they got me,' so he needs to cut it," Cooper said.
    But the long-haired Cooper's not too worried about finding himself in a similar hairy situation.  At 6-foot-3-inches and 222 pounds, Cooper offered a warning.
    "I hope nobody gets any ideas because it'll be a brawl."
    Kelly Washington's in his 8th training camp, and is battling Cooper for a roster spot.
    "Coop's a big guy," Washington said. "And he's been wearing that hair for a while, so I don't think we'll cut his hair off."
    Second year wide receiver Jeremy Maclin is being oh-so respectful.
    "You're messing with his hair," Maclin said. "That's probably his pride and joy, so we're not going to mess with that."
    Washington said, "The hazing's not too good here.  I haven't seen a rookie tied to a goal post or thrown in a cold tub or tied up and taped, so I think they're taking it too easy on the rookies."
    Coach Reid tried to put his hazing rules in perspective.
    "I don't think we need to put anybody down or mess with anybody, it's hard enough to get themselves right and ready to go," Reid said.