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Mike Vick Needs to Sit Out Week 17



    Watching Mike Vick play this season has been like watching a ticking time bomb. You know, at some point, that he’s going to get hit and he’s going to stay down. You just aren’t sure when. So it was a minor miracle that he managed to get out of Tuesday night’s surprise curb-stomping from Minnesota somewhat intact. Because the Vikings CRUSHED him last night. Vick was hit from virtually all angles and was a hobbling mess for most of the game. He certainly wasn’t himself, and that’s not a good thing for the Eagles’ chances of making a deep playoff run, now that they’re locked into the No. 3 seed and facing the daunting prospect of probably having to face the Packers, a team that already beat them, the week after next.

    This is why Andy Reid needs to sit Vick for the Eagles’ final game of the season against Dallas. No player in the NFL could use the week off as much as No. 7. He’s been chased, harassed, sacked, smacked, shoved out of bounds, and subjected to virtually every punishment an NFL defense can delight in doling out.

    It’s a miracle, frankly, that he hasn’t missed more games this year. Which is why he needs to miss the next one. There’s no point in leaving Vick out there for a Cowboys team that would like nothing more than to redeem their own horrid season by ruining Philly’s.

    Even though the Cowboys pass defense is cover-your-eyes horrible, that doesn’t mean Vick will be safe back there. In fact, given how the o-line played Tuesday, I’m pretty sure Ted Lange could get a hit on Vick if he got thrown onto the field.

    The Eagles’ Super Bowl hopes right now rest on Vick’s ability to break open games by making huge runs and getting the ball vertically down the field. After getting hit time and again by the Vikings, it became harder for Vick to do just that. You could see him breaking down before your eyes. And Vick again told Cris Collinsworth that he tried sliding in practice and just couldn’t do it, which is a remarkable display of either stubbornness or idiocy on his part.

    This has been a charmed season for Philly thus far, and until the Vikings game, it seemed like this team was destined to end up going deep into the playoffs. But they can’t do that if Vick is barely able to stand for his first playoff game. The man needs a rest, and I’d be shocked if Andy Reid doesn’t give it to him.