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Mangini Canned, Mornhinweg Taking Over?



    Eric Mangini got canned Monday morning by the Cleveland Browns, just another name added to the growing list of fired coaches around the league. Someone is going to have to fill all those job openings out there -- and it’s possible, if not likely -- that Eagles offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg could get a second chance to be a head coach once this season is over.

    Because the Eagles didn’t secure a bye in the playoffs, Mornhinweg isn’t allowed to interview for jobs until the Eagles are eliminated (or if they make the Super Bowl, in which case Marty can interview with teams during the bye week).

    So if you see the Eagles run 57 consecutive fullback dives against Green Bay, you’ll know Marty REALLY wants that Cleveland gig. Or Andy was just doing his usual playoff gag. Regardless, Marty has already been mentioned on the short list for the Browns job along with Jon Gruden, John Fox, and Browns president Mike Holmgren, who may just put himself in charge of the wayward franchise.

    Mornhinweg is a strong candidate for the Cleveland job because he has a history with Holmgren, and perhaps because Holmgren thinks NFL fans have forgotten about Marty’s only stint as a head coach in Detroit (they have not). In case you forgot, he went 5-27 in two seasons.

    Does Marty deserve a second chance? Well, he is the guy who helped resurrect Michael Vick’s career, and has overseen a top-flight offense that’s done an excellent job integrating young talent like DeSean Jackson, Jeremy Maclin and LeSean McCoy. Plus, any time you bring up a failed head coach getting hired again, someone always has to bust out Belichick as an example that retreads can become legends -- as if it happens every day.

    Given the Eagles recent success and, frankly, the dearth of viable candidates out there, I think that Marty will probably get another shot at being a head coach once the dust settles this season. I just hope he doesn’t bring his motorcycle with him this time.