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Jones: Eagles Were a "Jekyll & Hyde" Team With McNabb



    Jones: Eagles Were a "Jekyll & Hyde" Team With McNabb
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    Cowboys Jerry Jones

    If it’s the NFL preseason, that means it’s time for Cowboys owner Jerry Jones to find a microphone and start yammering into it.

    Ah, the good ol’ Double J -- always ready with a quote that’s just begging to be misconstrued. During an interview last night at Cowboys stadium, Jones said in an interview with the Daily News that the Eagleswould be a more consistent team without Donovan McNabb as their quarterback:

    “McNabb helped create those big swings in our games over the last 10 years,” Jones said. “When he played well, it was like throwing the knockout punch. When he didn’t, you were able to throw the knockout punch."

    “I don’t see that now (with Kevin Kolb). I think Kolb and the way they’re going about it now, you won’t have those big swings one way or the other. I think every game with them is going to be a battle. Because of Kolb and because the makeup of the rest of their team is solid. And their coach, there is not a better coach in the NFL than Andy (Reid).”

    Obviously, Jones is being diplomatic toward the Eagles here, especially with that last line about Reid being so awesome. No one settles for a long field goal when down four points with less than two minutes left better.

    But on the subject of McNabb, Jones is expressing a sentiment that I think most Eagles fans agree with. McNabb, for all his wonderful accomplishments in Philly, was prone to have a couple of games each year where everything fell apart. You could hear Philly collectively punching a wall during that Oakland game last season. McNabb’s game would burst into flames at random times, for seemingly no reason at all.

    Jones believes Kolb will alleviate that inconsistency. I think that’s what every Philly fan is praying for. But I don’t believe that’s guaranteed by any stretch of the imagination. Eagles fans want to believe Kolb will bring some sense of stability to this offense. But that won’t be easy if Reid is making him throw 45 times every game.

    Jones may be right about Kolb. Then again, he may be snickering to himself once the microphones go off.