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Jim Mora Has Had Just About Enough of Your Vick Questions



    Mike Vick has led the Eagles to two straight wins, the outright lead in the NFC East, and he just picked up NFC Offensive Player of the Month honors. It’s too early to jump to conclusions, but Vick appears to be rounding into the polished passer he never became during his time in Atlanta, and that possibility led to a rather snippy exchange between former Falcons coach Jim Mora Jr. and ESPN radio host Doug Gottlieb Thursday.

    (Please do your best to ignore Gottlieb’s horrible, horrible grammar):

    GOTTLIEB: Does it bum you out at all though that he wasn’t that bought in to what it took to be a great quarterback when you coached him in Atlanta?

    MORA: Do you know anything about this guy’s background? Do you know he went to three Pro Bowls? So you’re basing this on two and half weeks of play?

    It gets worse, almost devolving into a segment of Curb Your Enthusiasm:

    MORA: I don’t live in the past, pal... Is this your fist interview? Jesus Christ, what kind of questions are these?

    Mora, naturally, has some right to be annoyed, given that Vick was admittedly a lazier player in Atlanta who also happened to have a hand in Mora’s firing. And Mora didn’t even get a second season in Seattle before being swept out the door for Pete Carroll’s Sunshine Brigade.

    Just because Vick was a lazy malcontent who killed dogs and allegedly snitched to his owner that he didn’t like his coach doesn’t mean Mora can’t also happen to be a lousy coach. He certainly doesn’t come across as a levelheaded fellow in this interview. Clearly, this man is auditioning for a Coors Light ad and didn’t even take into account that he needed to be on camera while doing so. And you wonder why Greg Knapp never got through to Ookie.