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Giddyup! Jackson Returns to Practice



    Giddyup! Jackson Returns to Practice
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    We love "Action" Jackson's swagger.

    I know it was awfully scary to see DeSean Jackson get leveled by Dunta Robinson three weeks ago -- in a perfect world, he’d never risk being subjected to hard, concussive hits ever again. But the Colts are coming to town this week and the Eagles could REALLY use DeSean, busted skull or not. So it was good news (?) that Jackson was finally cleared to practice this week and may return to the field on Sunday:  

    'It feels good,' Jackson said Wednesday. 'Being away from the games and practices and things like that has been hard, to sit around and just watch and stuff, so it's good to get back out there and get going...'

    'We'll see,' Jackson said when asked if he will start. 'Go out through the week and see how I do and things like that. So it's still only Wednesday so we still have a couple days to kind of get a feel for how I'm doing and things like that.'

    Jackson went back to practice after being independently evaluated by a neurologist. He gave no indication that the neurologist cleared him to play and said that the decision wouldn’t be his to make. That leaves it unclear as to who has final say over Jackson’s status. Andy Reid? The team’s doctors? The neurologist? Miss Cleo?! It’s not definitive at this point, but is it obvious that Jackson WANTS to play. Will he? Well, given the opponent coming to town on Sunday, I’m guessing whoever is in charge of this decision will let him back out there. Things like long-term health tend to get overlooked when Peyton Manning is rolling into town.