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Who Should Eagles Fans Root for?

Who to cheer on, Giants or Cowboys?



    The Eagles season stumbles to an end Sunday as the Birds battle for .500 against their NFC East rival Redskins.

    Well the Birds and Skins play to an unceremonious end Sunday afternoon, the hype leading into NBC’s Sunday Night Football’s (shameless plug) battle of fellow NFC Easters the Cowboys and the Giants is at a fever pitch despite both team’s being mediocre at best.

    Barring a tie, at 8-7, either the G-Men or Boys will move to 9-7 and into the playoffs while the loser would drop to 8-8 and behind the Eagles in the standings should the Birds beat the Skins, which they should.

    So with it all on the line, the Giants and Cowboys fans are certainly going to be fired up for the showdown. But what about us Eagles fans? What’s our rooting interest in the battle of the two teams we are brought up to hate?

    Luckily we have until Sunday night to decide who to cheer on, but right now I’m going to try and convince you the dark side to pick.

    For me I’m actually rooting for the Cowboys. In recent years the snobbishness of Giants fans (which seem prevalent in the area -- especially down the Jersey Shore -- has irked me more than misguided football fans who think it’s OK to use the term “we” while speaking of a football team from a town they’ve never even been to (I’m talking to you Philly-based Cowboys fans).

    Also nothing is better than a Jerry Jones looking like a balloon about to burst look except for a Tom Coughlin “Are You Kidding Me Face” and subsequent clipboard slam. And let's not forget how great it is to see Eli Manning pouting around. Of course watching Tony Romo win is not much better.

    So there you have it, go Cowboys (that hurt to write)

    Let’s hope I won’t have to make the same choice in 2012.