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To Boo, or Not to Boo Andy?

With Andy Reid likely on his way out, how will fans treat him during what could be his final home game as Eagles head coach



    The Andy Reid era is likely coming to an end in Philly after 14 years. Many Eagles fans and pundits are no longer questioning whether Reid gets fired but rather when it will happen.

    When Reid walks onto and off of the field today, it will likely be the last time he does so as the Eagles coach.

    Some fans will remember him for his team's triumphs like seven NFC East crowns, five NFC Championship appearances, a Super Bowl appearance and guiding two possible Hall of Famers (Donovan McNabb and Brian Dawkins) for much of their careers. But those triumphs seem a distant memory after four-straight seasons without winning a playoff game and him saying hundreds of times that he needs to do a better job.

    Much will be made about how Eagles fans receive Big Red: Will they boo or cheer? Will they hold signs of support or disdain?

    To boo, or not to boo: That is the question. If you will be at the Linc Sunday or watching from home, which will you do?