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DeSean Finally Talks... About Hummus?



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    We love "Action" Jackson's swagger.

    Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson might not be talking to the press but he does talk in a new NIKE ad.

    The Eagles swagger king appears alongside NBAers Amar’e Stoudemire and Rajon Rondo and New York Giants lineman Justin Tuck.

    D-Jax plays a supporting role to Tuck and Stoudemire in the sports school-themed ad but he still pulls off the strangest line of the bit.

    "Who’s been eating hummus?"

    610WIP sums it up:

    DeSean doesn't talk very much in the spot, but he does say "hummus." If someone gets that joke, please let me know the meaning.

    Why couldn’t DeSean at least get the cool line about nothing being worse than losing? Guess a Giant like Tuck knows that feeling better after last season.