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File This DeSean Cartoon Under "What the...?"



    File This DeSean Cartoon Under What the…?

    We gotta throw a flag for gratuitous absurdity on the latest splash animation coming out of the folks over at the Eagles.

    I love superheroes, I love some cartoons and I love DeSean Jackson but the creepy/weird marriage of all three, with a touch of Ernie Sims to boot, made me uncomfortably laugh and I doubt I’m alone.

    The video serves as a tease for Sunday’s Eagles game against the Detroit Lions. The plot is basically that Eagles special weapon DeSean Jackson twilights as superhero “Agent Zero”

    The video posted to the Eagles Facebook page features a big scary looking lion roaring at an Eagles-jersey-clad woman and her wide-eyed baby.

    Hold on -- the videos’ description of the scene sums it up better:


    And what’s the mission of Agent 10?


    Gotta agree with that goal. But...

    Hold on, I know Lions star receiver Calvin Johnson is called “Megatron,” but last time I checked it was just a nickname -- he isn’t actually a transforming robot. So what Lion is possibly robotic? Maybe the Eagles offensive line will think Detroit No. 1 pick Ndamukong Suh is more than human after he bursts past gang green all afternoon.

    But, I digress.

    The video goes as expected form there. D-Jax -- I mean Agent 10 -- goes on to use his fire-stopping superpowers to destroy robo lion. Then out of the blue Sims swoops in to drop a little message:

    “See you on Sunday Agent 10.”

    OK, so did they drop Sims in there just because he is a former Lion? Or does he actually plan on laying down the boom on D-Jax? Heck, he has already knocked out Eldra Buckley, Brent Celek and Stewart Bradley (accidentally) since the begging of training camp.

    Let’s hope Sims stays away from Desean and that Agent 10 really does do his best to take out the Lions this week.

    Check out the video -- see if you find it as funny as I did.