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Camp Confidential: The Incredible Brent Celek



    Camp Confidential: The Incredible Brent Celek
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    Tight end Brent Celek is a beast on the field.

    Brent Celek has become a beast on the field -- now the Eagles star tight end is making a name for himself as the beast of social media networks.

    He has almost 11,000 fans on Facebook and nearly 9,000 Twitter followers.

    Brent gives back to his fans by running contests, opening up conversations and giving some insight into his life off the field.

    The nearly 1,000-yard receiver explained why he posts and tweets:

    “Just the fans wanting to know more about us off the field and just interacting with them -- answering a few of their questions,” the 6-foot-4, 255-pounder said after training camp practice this week.

    The 25-year-old tight end even has an online persona, “The Incredible Brent.” It stemmed from a contest where Celek gave a signed photo to a fan that made him a profile pic. The winning photo turned the comic book hero The Incredible Hulk into an Eagles-jersey wearing beast.

    So is there any plan on bringing out a line of The Incredible Brent T-shirts?

    “I don’t know -- I might,” Celek said with a big smile.

    But don’t expect Celek to be smiling or messing around online once the season begins.

    “I’m going to be focusing on football,” Celek said. “The tweeting and what not, that’s a secondary thing when I have time to do that... Football comes first and we want to win a world championship and that’s what it comes down to.”


    Each day of Eagles training camp will focus on different Bird trying to soar at Lehigh.