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Reid Laughs Off Rob Ryan's "All-Hype" Swipe



    Coach Andy Reid laughed off Cowboy DC Rob Ryan's "all-hype" swipe at the Eagles.

    Ryan, Buddy's son, said this week that his team didn't win the "all-hype" honors, "That might have gone to someone else, but we're going to beat their ass when we play them."

    When ESPN's Mike and Mike asked Reid about it this morninig on the radio, he laughed and said:

    "Well, you know, I would have been prett upset if he said it was a hot-dog eating contest, I would have been ready then." 

    Reid said he's not into the hype.

    "The reality of it all is when you strap it on and play."

    But NBC10's John Clark loves Ryan's all-hype line.

    "I love him talking trash. It's exactly what his dad Buddy did as coach of the Eagles. The Birds were trying to be the Cowboys and hated them. Now the 'Boys are aspiring to be the Birds. It's a beautiful thing," said NBC10 Sports Reporter John Clark.

    What do you expect from the same gene pool, says WIP's Howard Eskin:

    "What a family of coaches. First it's Rob Ryan's dad, former Eagles Head Coach Buddy Ryan who thought he was a chuckle a minute. Then Rob's twin brother Rex Ryan who put a bulls eye on the NY Jets last year with many of his comments. Now Rob Ryan tops them all. For a Dallas Cowboys coach to come out and say they would "beat their ass" when they play the Eagles this season is both foolish and stupid. Rob Ryan should worry about the Dallas Cowboys winning one game against the Eagles this year."