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Catch Our Host Ali Fedotowsky on "Talk Stoop"



    Our very own Ali Fedotowsky joined "Talk Stoop's" Cat Greeleaf on the stoop this past weekend to chat about… well, how great our show is (duh!). Then, Cat got into the juicy stuff that I'm sure has gotten "The Bachelorette" fans paying close attention to. Ali explains why she decided to leave her job at Facebook and go the reality TV route and being in the public eye.

    "I'm so much happier now," Ali says. Who wouldn't be? C'mon, working with us is a blast, mainly because our jobs are to travel to the best places in search of the best places to eat shop and play.

    Plus, she explains what that tattoo is all about--even we didn't know! Watch the video above for the full interview.

    And, don't miss Ali on "1st Look" Saturdays after "Saturday Night Live!"

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