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Alexandra Galarza is a general assignment reporter for Telemundo62. You can watch her live reports weekdays at 5 PM, 5:30 PM, 6 PM and 11 PM.

Alexandra joined Telemundo62 in May 2017. Her favorite part of being a journalist is getting to know the people in the community she serves.

“I love connecting with people from all walks of life who reach out to me to either be heard, or to be informed,” said Alexandra. “No day is like the other, and that’s what keeps me on my toes and makes me so passionate about my job.”

One of the most memorable stories Alexandra has covered while working as a journalist was when she covered a shooting outside of a nightclub in North Philadelphia that took the life of a young man. The shooter ran off, leaving the family destroyed and emotionally exhausted. During the following weeks, she followed up with the victim’s relatives in their search for the suspect. In a series of news reports, Alexandra captured the mother’s pleas to the public, authorities, and everyone watching to help her find the man that was responsible. The story had an impact on Alexandra and caused her to see news from a different perspective.

“I was able to see how the simple fact of informing viewers can bring change to a family,” she said. “The shooter was arrested and the family’s story changed from tragedy, to hope for change.”

Born and raised in Guayaquil, Ecuador, Alexandra moved to the United States for college. Prior to joining Telemundo62, she worked as a multi-media journalist and reporter at Spanish-language stations in Philadelphia and Atlanta, including WUVP Philadelphia and WUVG in Atlanta, Georgia. A member of the National Association of Hispanic Journalists (NAHJ), Alexandra earned her bachelor’s degree in Journalism with dual concentrations in Telecommunications and Spanish from Georgia State University.

When Alexandra is not on the news, she enjoys playing the piano, going on a run around the city, and searching for good Ecuadorian restaurants. She resides in South Philadelphia.

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