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NBC/Telemundo Owned Stations Redesigned Websites

We’ve done a massive overhaul of our websites, from the back-end to the user experience, that will set the pace in the local media space for years to come 

NBCUniversal Owned Television Stations, a division of NBCUniversal, launched a massive back- and front-end reconstruction of its NBC and Telemundo station digital products. The sites were architected and built in less than 12 months, and done in conjunction with a redesign of the desktop and mobile web experiences that serve English and Spanish-speaking audiences across 30 markets in the U.S. and Puerto Rico. The new system makes it easier for local newsrooms to create content for digital platforms, while the redesign provides a sleek, modern, magazine-style look with improved features for breaking news, weather, investigative reporting, live streaming and digital video. 

Key features of the NBC/Telemundo stations’ digital overhaul include: 

Three devices showing the redesign

Brand-New Homepage That Showcases the Breadth and Wealth of Our Coverage 

The newly redesigned homepage provides each TV station with opportunities to make their sites unique while keeping the user experience consistent. It allows for editorial curation on all modules, helping showcase the most relevant stories at the right time. The use of bands helps pace the reading experience while also giving the opportunity to elevate specific coverage around important topics. 

We've also added a new trending bar across all pages that will provide additional exposure to important topics and stories throughout the day. 

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Multiple Breaking News States to Adapt to the Nature of the News Cycle

When a story breaks, we understand that it is important for our users to clearly understand what is happening, especially when it is a situation that could impact their safety. Because of that, we created a system that adapts to the nature of the news cycle. Display options start from the moment our reporters first hear about the story and gradually increase in prominence until we expand to a full takeover of our homepage, including several stories around the same topic. This is one of a kind in the industry. 

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An Immersive News Video Hub With an Improved Live TV Viewing Experience

Video content is extremely important to our users, so we created an experience that would allow them to watch videos in a more immersive manner. With a dark background and lean-back watch mode, the video hub takes users through a series of editorially curated playlists, while also providing an easy way to browse through our vast library of content. 

We've also unified the video hub with the Live TV to make it a one-stop shop for our users, with prominent call outs through the sites so you never miss a beat. 

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Improved Local Weather Experiences 

Doubling down on the stations’ exclusive, state-of-the-art weather radar technology, we made our weather forecast even more accessible to our users on our digital platforms. The data is now displayed in a very intuitive format that informs and delights our users. 

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New Long-Form Reading Formats 

Our TV stations have an unprecedented commitment to long-form storytelling including investigative reports and series. We wanted to extend that beyond their on-air experience by creating new article templates that are made for long-form reading and would give them a beautiful canvas so their content can shine. Offering both a dark and light mode, we make it easy for anyone in the newsroom to tell the stories. 

Exclusive New Font: "Arthouse Owned" 

Our own font family, created by The ArtHouse at NBCUniversal Media, provides a clean and modern aesthetic and creates consistency in branding across all broadcast and digital/mobile platforms.


Updated Advertising Experiences 

New ad experiences integrate seamlessly into the rest of the site, while providing a bigger canvas to display our clients' messages more prominently and add opportunities to increase brand awareness. Our new ad experiences offering a better user experience plus benefits to the clients is a win-win for the industry. 

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