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Today's Forecast



    Considering average highs are near 40 this time of year, the next week is going to feature way above normal temps. Many nights won't even drop below 40.

    It's a wet pattern, too. The first shot of showers is Friday afternoon, but they should be light. A much stronger storm will develop along the coast late in the weekend, and is likely to bring heavy rain and strong winds to much of the area from Sunday afternoon through Monday night.

    Thu: Mostly sunny and mild. High 54

    Fri: Becoming cloudy. Rain likely in afternoont. High 50

    Saturday: Mostly cloudy and mild. High 54

    Sunday: Cloudy, with rain developing in afternoon. High 48. Heavy rain at night

    Mon: Windy and wet. Rain will be heavy at times. Strong winds likely. High 48.

    Tue: Mostly cloudy and windy. High 50

    Wed: Sunny and mild. High 58