Judges: OK to Move Dinky Train Station

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    An appeals court aproved Princeton's "Dinky" Train station to be moved. (Published Wednesday, March 19, 2014)

    A New Jersey appeals court says a train station can be moved to make room for a new arts center at Princeton University.

    The station on the Princeton campus serves a two-car train known as the Dinky that makes stops only there and at the larger Princeton Junction station.

    The university and New Jersey Transit have a plan to shorten the track by 460 feet to allow the school to build a $320 million arts center.

    A group known as Save The Dinky says a 1984 contract between the university and New Jersey Transit does not authorize the move. A lower court judge ruled against the group last year and an appeals court did the same on Tuesday.

    SaveTheDinky lawyer Virginia Kerr says the group is considering whether to appeal.