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Deportation for Teen Who Sold Pot Brownies to Pay for Dress?

Yuba City teen, 19, could be expelled from the country



    A pot brownie could get a Sutter County teen deported. (File image)

    A Yuba City teen could be deported to Mexico following her conviction on felony marijuana distribution charges. She sold pot brownies to pay for a prom dress, according to reports.

    Saira Munoz, now 19, was a senior at River Valley High School when, short of cash to pay for a dress, she "hired a friend to sell her marijuana-laced brownies," according to the Los Angeles Times.

    She was arrested after a student became "sick off of one of the brownies."

    Munoz served nine days in jail for the felony conviction and was sentenced to four years' probation, the newspaper reported.

    Munoz could now face deportation in violation of a temporary visa granted her in 2000.