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Swarm of Bees Removed From Tree

The swarm was found on West 72nd Street near Amsterdam Avenue

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    The NYPD's beekeeper removes a swarm of bees from a tree on Amsterdam Avenue and West 72nd Street on the Upper West Side. (Published Monday, May 26, 2014)

    The NYPD beekeeper was called to disassemble a swarm of bees in a tree on the Upper West Side Monday. 

    The bees were in a tree on West 72nd Street near Amsterdam Avenue. A resident said he first noticed the swarm over the weekend. 

    "We've been watching the bees for a couple of days now," he said. 

    The NYPD's sole bee response officer -- the "beekeeper commissioner" -- arrived on the scene and safely removed the bees.

    Detective Anthony Planakis says bees are actually docile in a swarm unless someone disturbs them, but he understands that someone who walks underneath one could be frightened.