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Plainville Police Rescue 8 Ducklings from Storm Drain



    (Published Tuesday, July 1, 2014)

    Plainville police rescued some baby ducks stuck in a storm drain behind Lowe's Home Improvement Tuesday morning.

    Officers were sent to the New Britain Avenue hardware store at 7:45 a.m. after receiving a report that about half a dozen ducklings were stuck in a catch basin nearby and needed to be rescued.

    Witnesses said that the mother duck was headed toward the woods with her babies. But when the mother tried to hop over a curb to get there, eight of the ducklings fell 15 feet into a storm drain. Two ducklings didn't fall and were with the mother when police arrived.

    A Plainville police officer removed the storm drain cover and climbed down the built-in ladder to rescue the ducklings.

    Plainville's animal control officer also responded.

    Using Animal Control's net, the officer scooped up the eight ducklings and lifted them to safety and reunited them with their mother and siblings.

    This sort of incident happens periodically, according to Animal Control.