Coyotes 100 Percent Monogamous, Study Says

No evidence of cheating over a six-year research period

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    Researchers at Ohio State University found that coyotes (like the one shown in this file image) in urban areas are 100 percent monogamous.

    Coyotes take “’til death do us part” very seriously, never cheating on their mate, a new study has found. Men everywhere: Take note.

    Researchers at Ohio State University genetically sampled more than 200 coyotes in the Chicago area for a period of six years and, in a surprise, found them to be 100 percent monogamous, Science Daily reported.

    The coyotes included in the study separated only when one member of the pair died.

    Researches concluded that sticking together might be a survival instinct for coyotes in urban areas like Chicago. Long-term pair bonding makes it easier to find food and ensures a large litter of pups, the study found.

    The complete report appears in the Journal of Mammalogy.