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Ducklings Rescued From Storm Drain at King of Prussia Mall



    Emily Connolly

    Thanks to a keen eye and a helpful hand, nine ducklings were rescued at the King of Prussia mall Friday afternoon.

    Emily Connolly was walking around the KOP Plaza near Seasons 52 on the Nordstrom side of the mall when her family noticed a mother duck walking with only one baby following behind her.

    That didn’t make sense to them, so a little investigation led to a potentially difficult issue: nine ducklings had fallen through a grate and into a storm drain.

    “Our security contacted one of our maintenance associates, who removed the storm drain and allowed us to go down and rescue the ducks,” said Kathy Smith, Director of Marketing for the King of Prussia Mall.

    Once a plan had been established, it took just a few minutes to pull off the grate, venture down into the storm drain, and reunite the ducklings with their mother and sibling. According to Smith, maintenance worker Dave Romano performed the rescue.

    “It’s really just a great feel-good story,” added Smith.

    The ducklings were OK and were all taken to a wildlife rescue. Apparently, this isn't the first time ducks have been stuck in a storm drain.

    "Seasonally, our people try to make an effort to keep an eye out," Smith concluded. "We've done rescue operations like this in the past."