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Would-Be Cat Rescuer Ends Up Needing Rescue



    Getty Images/iStockphoto
    A woman trying to rescue a cat (not the one shown here) had to be rescued.

    A woman who tried to rescue a cat from a tree ended up needing a rescue herself.

    Firefighters in Erie, Pennsylvania, said they brought a 28-foot ladder to help Tara Dennis get down from the branches on Sunday.

    Residents told the Times-News that they had heard the feline crying for the past couple of days. It was not clear who owned the cat.

    Dennis said she couldn't stand by and do nothing so she scaled a fence, got on a roof and climbed onto a branch. She reached the animal, which she put in her shirt.

    But the 21-year-old got stuck as she tried to come down. A neighbor called 911.

    Deputy Fire Chief Jeff Carroll said firefighters first carried down the cat, then helped Dennis.