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WhatsApp Made Billions by Understanding Millennials



    Bloomberg via Getty Images

    The business world continues to be shaken by blockbuster tech deals, with the $19 billion deal between WhatsApp and Facebook being the most recent example. While most of these high-flying deals seem to be coming from the tech world, I would argue that it’s not the sector that defines the success -- it’s the product itself.

    What allows any product to make the leap from ho-hum success to billion-dollar deals? Many brands and companies know at least part of the answer: Millennial. Yet, identifying your target is only half the battle.

    Lesson No. 1: Only high-participation/high-shareworthy brands will be the big winners

    It was our thesis long before Facebook purchased WhatsApp that only high-participation/high-shareworthy brands would be the big winners of tomorrowland. Read more about this story on PBJ.com.

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