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Bulldog Blog: Laptops for Students a Good Or Bad?



    Brady McHale
    Students at Lower Merion and Harriton are now digital.

    Remember when learning used to be from a textbook with paper and pens? Lower Merion and Harriton High School students do remember, but it’s in the rear view mirror now.

    Starting this year high schoolers were equipped with personal laptops.

    Along with the new school-owned computers came a lot of responsibility, especially since, just like books, the students were allowed to take the computers home for homework.

    For students it’s awesome -- his or her own computer with really no limits (that’s only when their home of course).

    However, for teachers, they look at the computers situation as just another distraction. With an open computer screen in front of students teachers could have a hard time knowing if the student is doing class work or not.

    With virtually everything online now a days, will kids grades be jeopardized? Guess we’ll have to wait for report card time to find out.

    What do you think about this? Is having a school laptop too distracting for students and their work? Let me know via email and don’t forget story tips too. But most importantly, Go Phillies!