Looking for Public Trust, Atlantic City Police Add Body Cameras

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    Police in Atlantic City will be using body cameras to record video during the officer's shift. (Published Friday, Aug. 22, 2014)

    In a search for truth, Atlantic City police officers have started wearing body cameras.

    About five officers a shift will be equipped with the devices, which record video and audio after an officer activates the device. The video is uploaded after the officer's shift ends.

    Deputy Chief Joseph Nolan -- who oversees police patrols -- tells The Press of Atlantic City the department wants people to believe in the officers and the officers want the truth.

    “We want the public to believe in us,” Nolan told the paper. “We want the public to trust us. We want the public to see we don’t have anything to hide.”

    Nolan says the 20 cameras are split among three shifts. Each officer will use a camera for two weeks, then another officer will get it.

    The body cameras cost about $300 each. They were paid for through a Community Development Block Grant.