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With Jason Peters Re-signed, Lane Johnson Again Biding Time at Right Tackle



    With Jason Peters Re-signed, Lane Johnson Again Biding Time at Right Tackle
    With Jason Peters re-signed, Lane Johnson again biding time at right tackle

    Lane Johnson figured he'd play a couple years, Jason Peters would retire, and he'd swing over from right tackle over to left tackle.

    Now, Johnson is entering his fifth NFL season and that move seems no closer than when he got here.

    "He may be 54 out there playing left tackle," Johnson said of Peters with a laugh. "He's a different breed, man. He's so big and strong, his body can do it. … 

    "I might be over here my whole career, but I'm just going to make the best of it."

    Peters probably won't play quite that long, but Johnson is an interesting position.

    He was drafted as the Eagles' eventual left tackle, he believes he's a better left tackle than right tackle, and the contract extension he signed early last year pays him like a left tackle.

    But Peters just won't retire.

    Peters, 35, on Tuesday agreed to terms of a contract extension that shifts his future base salary into guaranteed money and makes it likely he'll be here for three more years (see story).

    Johnson won't be 42 by 2019, but he will be 29 and going into his seventh season.

    "I'm fine with it," Johnson said at his locker after minicamp practice on Wednesday. "Great player, been with the franchise a long time. I'll probably end up right tackle this year, maybe one day he'll end up going to guard, but he'll play left tackle this year and I'll play right. 

    "But I'm just glad he's here. Every day he's here makes me a better player."

    Head coach Doug Pederson suggested that the Eagles could move Peters to guard, presumably left guard, at some point in the future, and Peters said he's fine with that (see story).

    Imagine Johnson at left tackle and Peters at left guard?

    "Be like running behind a damn buffalo," Johnson said. "He's just so big, man. So big and strong. Not many guys at 350 can run and move like he does."

    But for now, Johnson is preparing for his fifth season at right tackle - he missed four games in 2014 and 10 games last year with NFL suspensions for a banned substance - and Peters is getting ready for his 14th NFL season and ninth with the Eagles.

    Peters began his career as an undrafted tight end with the Bills before moving to tackle in his second season.

    He's been to nine Pro Bowls and hasn't missed a Pro Bowl in a season he's played since 2006.

    "I've got one of the best of all-time so I know if I can keep my play similar to his … I know I'm doing good," Johnson said. "From my first year to my second year is when I made the biggest jump as a player and it's just knowledge. Stuff he's experienced over the years. 

    "He's played a lot more players than I have. Gives me advice against guys I'm playing against. It's just advice you don't get anywhere else."

    Johnson said he's happy playing right tackle, but he believes he's better suited to play left tackle.

    "I think I'm better at left," Johnson said. "I'm a lot more fluid at left tackle. … I think I'm a better pass blocker on the left. I've gotten better on the right, but it's just not as natural. I don't know why. … Probably (because) having your strong hand inside so you're able to be quick on your counter moves. I just feel quicker. I don't know why.

    "A lot of times they say the left tackle has great feet and the right tackle is less athletic. My deal was I got the best ever playing on left. One of the best ever. A Hall of Fame player. So I'll bide my time till I'm over there. Just got stuck in a good situation for me."

    Johnson is one positive test away from a two-year suspension, but he said his lawsuit against the NFL and the NFLPA to retroactively rescind the second suspension and re-guarantee contract money that became non-guaranteed upon his second suspension is still on course.

    "It's still ongoing, that's all I can say," he said. "May be done sometime this year, but I really don't know. Just kind of letting the lawyers do their thing and sit back and play football. 

    "Sometimes these things take years. Hopefully, it gets solved before then but you really just don't know. It's just back and forth. Not much stuff has been resolved. Just going through paperwork."

    Because of his suspensions, Johnson has missed 14 games - almost the equivalent of a full season.

    He said his focus this year is playing 16 consistent games wherever he's lined up.

    "I just want to go out there and show people what kind of tackle I am," he said. "I feel like I'm one of the best in the league and go out there and do a lot less talking and show people what I can do. 

    "I want to be the best in the league this year. No ifs, ands or buts. … I'm not trying to get arrogant or anything, but you go watch the film. My deal is just stay on the field."