Reid Shoots Down Rumors of 'Conspiracy Theory'

The McNabb trade "just happened" to fall on the day before the Phils' season opener

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    It's a question that has been on the minds of Philly fans since Sunday night when ESPN's Adam Schefter broke the story of Donovan McNabb's trade to the Washington Redskins -- was the big move planned to steal the Phillies opening day thunder?

    The simple answer? Nope.

    "Well it couldn't wait," Eagles head coach Andy Reid told WIP's Howard Eskin on Monday."With these deals, they've taken time to bring 'em to a head and then there's an opportune time when you've got to jump on it and you gotta make that decision or it's over. It just happened that it was before the opening day for the Phillies, Tiger Woods' situation and the night of the NCAA basketball finals."


    What do you think of the McNabb trade and the timing of it all?

    And for good measure, coach added "I mean, it just happened that that was the case. I would like to tell you that I good enough to plan it that way, [but] that's not how this thing works."

    So there you have it, folks. No conspiracy theory here. Just plain old bad timing.