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Decision 2016

Decision 2016

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Democrats Take a Step Left With New Party Platform

Some of the stickiest issues remain unresolved, at least as Bernie Sanders supporters see it



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    Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton.

    Democrats are considering approving what is being called the most progressive platform in the party's history, though supporters of Bernie Sanders are still not satisfied with provisions on trade and some other issues.

    A draft of the platform, obtained by NBC News, was approved by a 15-member subcommittee and sent Friday to members of the full platform committee. The committee will have a chance to make changes before the platform is voted on at the Democratic National Convention later this month in Philadelphia.

    The draft platform states Americans should earn $15 per hour. It calls for abolishing the death penalty. The draft platform also calls for making community college free and easing student loan burdens. It calls for giving the District of Columbia statehood and banning assault weapons.

    However, some of the stickiest issues remain unresolved -- at least as Sanders supporters see it.