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2 hours ago

Manhunt After Missing Student "Person of Interest" Flees Police

2 hours ago

ISIS: "You Will Not Feel Secure Even in Your Bedrooms"

11 minutes ago

3 Afghan Soldiers Go Missing While Visiting Cape Cod

30 minutes ago

Accused White House Intruder Due in Court

9 minutes ago

Bear Suspected of Killing Man, 22, Hiking With Friends

2 hours ago

2 Women Die, 48 Hurt in Tour Bus Crash

2 hours ago

NASA's Maven Probe Goes Into Martian Orbit

1 minute ago

Apple Record: 10 Million iPhone 6 and 6 Plus Sold

Friday, Sep 19, 2014 at 9:12 PM

I disappointed myself. I disappointed the NFL. I disappointed our fans, our partners. We need to do better.  

— NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell during a press conference in which he promised to fix the way the football league deals with domestic abuse.
57 minutes ago

Officer Dropping Off Stray Discovers Dead Dogs, "Deplorable" Conditions at Animal Hospital

2 hours ago

Two Flights Make Emergency Landings Within Minutes in Dallas: American Airlines

5 hours ago

Crews Make Progress on Large California Wildfire

5 hours ago

German MH17 Families Demand $1.3M Per Victim

2 minutes ago

Woman Hit by Cyclist in Central Park Dies: Officials

59 minutes ago

Natural Disasters Not Likely to Affect California's Economy