Wilmington Water Fees May Rise Along with Taxes | NBC 10 Philadelphia

Wilmington Water Fees May Rise Along with Taxes



    Wilmington Mayor Dennis Williams has proposed a budget that would raise fees for water and sewer services, while also pushing for a property tax increase in the city.

    The News Journal reports Williams' budget includes an 8 percent increase in water and sewer fees and a 7 percent increase in storm water fees.

    An average water and sewer customer would pay about $45 more per year.

    The increase in fees would come on top of a nearly 10 percent increase in the property tax rate. That increase could cost the average homeowner an additional $78 or more per year.

    Wilmington has increased water and sewer fees each year since 2010 to make the fund self-sustaining.

    Williams' budget proposal says the increases would pay for improvements and rising costs.