Pennsylvania Resort Mourns White Lion That Died After Suffering Seizure | NBC 10 Philadelphia

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Pennsylvania Resort Mourns White Lion That Died After Suffering Seizure



    Facebook - Nemacolin Woodlands Resort
    Prince the white lion died on Aug. 27, 2015.

    Officials confirmed that a 5-year-old white lion died at Nemacolin Woodlands Resort in southwestern Pennsylvania last week.

    Prince suffered a fatal seizure Thursday caused by adverse effects from anesthesia after undergoing a procedure Wednesday to treat an ear infection.

    Nemacolin's vice president of communications, Jeff Nobers, said those closest to the lion are grieving his death.

    "Our hearts are broken," read a statement posted to the resorts' Facebook page. "Prince was much more than a lion, he was a huge part of the Nemacolin Woodlands Resort family. Born at the Resort in July of 2010, he quickly became a guest favorite and the “Ambassador” of our wildlife program. He was a graceful, intelligent and beautiful creature that all of the Nemacolin Family had a strong connection to."

    Nobers said Prince was born and raised by the staff at the Farmington resort and his parents both still live on the premises. The population of the white lion is unknown, but Nemacolin's website estimates there were 30 known to be alive in 2004.

    Nobers called Prince a beloved symbol of the resort.

    Nemacolin Wildlife Academy provides interactive entertainment and live animal educational programs to visitors.