5 Things to Know for Wednesday

Get in the know with some of Pa.'s biggest stories.

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    A daily look at late-breaking news, coming events and stories that will be talked about in Pennsylvania on Wednesday:

    New York Man to Be Freed in Discredited Arson-Science Case
    Seventy-nine-year-old Han Tak Lee has spent 24 years in prison for the fire that killed his 20-year-old daughter at a Pocono Mountains retreat. Lee's attorneys claim the fire was an accident and his conviction was based on discredited arson science. Prosecutors must decide whether to retry him.

    4 Young Men to Stand Trial in Rock-Throwing That Critically Injured Woman on I-80
    The 4.6-pound rock smashed through the front windshield of a car passing below, landing directly on Sharon Budd, a middle school language arts teacher from Uniontown, Ohio. She's recovering in a rehabilitation center.

    Grand Jury Expires With No New Indictments Against Ex-Pittsburgh Mayor, Other City Officials
    Former Mayor Luke Ravenstahl has denied doing anything wrong or that he was even targeted by the investigation. U.S. Attorney David Hickton, who confirmed the investigation this year without describing its scope or purpose, isn't commenting.

    Starvation, Dehydration Contributed to Central Pa. Boy's Death
    But Dauphin County Coroner Graham Hetrick says he's awaiting additional test results before issuing a report on how Jarrod Tutko Jr. died. The 9-year-old's decomposing body was found Aug. 1 on the third floor of his family's Harrisburg home. His dad is charged with child endangerment and concealing the death.

    Mandatory $75,000 Fine Unconstitutional Against Pittsburgh Casino Dealer
    The unanimous ruling Tuesday by the state's highest court called the fine “strikingly disproportionate” for someone charged with stealing just $200. State prosecutors say the mandatory fine was intended to deter behavior that would undermine confidence in the gambling industry.