Teens Arrested for Allegedly Attacking Student, Posting Video on Facebook




    Police say two teens are in custody while another is on the loose after they allegedly beat up a Middle School student, recorded the attack and then uploaded it on Facebook. (Published Wednesday, Jan. 29, 2014)

    Two teens are in custody while another is still on the loose after police say they beat up a middle school student, recorded the attack and then posted the video on Facebook.

    Investigators say an 8th grade student at Woodrow Wilson School was walking home Tuesday afternoon on Cottman and Large Street. Suddenly, police say he was approached by three teens.

    Two of the teens began to attack him while the third recorded the beating on his cell phone, according to investigators. They then fled the scene. Police say the victim was treated for non-life-threatening injuries.

    Investigators say the suspects uploaded the video on Facebook and it soon went viral. Police became aware of the video after a concerned parent sent it to them.

    After an investigation, police arrested a high school student and a Woodrow Wilson Middle School student. According to police, the high school student was one of the attackers while the Middle School student was the one who recorded the video and posted it on Facebook.

    Both teens are charged with simple assault and conspiracy. Police have not revealed their identities because they are charged as juveniles.

    Police continue to search for the third teen involved.