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NBC10 First Alert Weather Team Takes Tornado Questions



    NBC10 First Alert Weather chief meteorologist Glenn "Hurricane" Schwartz tracks today's changing weather.

    October has been unseasonably warm.

    The NBC10 First Alert Weather Team is closely watching the weather changes. Today, portions of our region is under a tornado watch through 5 p.m. 

    The first thunderstorm warning for Berks County came just after 12 p.m. The tornado threat is greatest this afternoon with the potential for heavy rain, gusty wind and thunderstorms.  

    Submit your weather photos and they may end up on air or online.  

    The NBC10 First Alert Weather Team answer the following viewer tornado questions.

    Q: Shanel Amique: I live in a rancher and dont have a basement. Is it true that we should take shelter in an inside room and under mattress? Hopefully nothing happens:( It's very windy here in Willingboro.

    A: Sheena Parveen: Go to an interior hallway, inside a closet or bathroom. Stay away from windows.

    Q: Chrissy Iacovelli: Vineland, NJ? Any updates? Its sooo windy!

    A: Glenn "Hurricane" Schwartz: The line of heavy showers is still to the west and is coming. About 4p, South Jersey will see the rain.

    Q: Cathy Davila: IF I HAVE no basement where would be best place to be safe?

    A: Sheena Parveen: Go to an interior hallway or closet.

    Q: Eva Orkin Klein: How would we know if a tornado was close to our home and we should seek shelter? Would a siren of some sort sound? I live in Hainesport NJ. Thank you!

    A: Sheena Parveen: In the Midwest, you would hear a sound such as an alarm, but not here. Stay with the NBC10 First Alert Weather team for updates in your area.

    Q: Lynn Houck: If you are in the highway going anywhere and u c a funnel cloud what do u do? Where do u go for shelter?

    A: Tedd Florendo: Drive away from it.

    A: Glenn "Hurricane" Schwartz: If you can’t drive away, if you are stuck in traffic, then you would get out of the car.