Sink Hole Repairs in S. Philly Will Take Weeks

PWD crews will be working at a South Philadelphia intersection for the next several weeks. A 15-foot sink hole has shut it down.

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    PWD crews will be working seven days a week for the next several weeks at the site of a major water main break and sink hole at 21st and Bainbridge.

    Clean up is nearly complete, but repairs at the site of a major water main break and sink hole in
    South Philadelphia will continue for several weeks, according to the Philadelphia Water Department.

    A 48-inch transmission main broke on Sunday night. It flooded several streets and forced 38 residents from their homes.

    The water main break caused a 15-foot-deep sink hole at the intersection of 21st and Bainbridge.

    Crews and contractors have been on site each day, cleaning up debris and mud from streets and sidewalks, removing materials from homes that were damaged and working in the sink hole, according PWD.

    Over the next few weeks, PWD crews will remain on site, working from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., seven days a week.

    According to PWD, the initial work will focus on inspecting the water mains and sewer in this intersection to determine the exact repairs that need to be made to bring the infrastructure back into service. 

    Verizon, PGW and PECO must re-establish their infrastructure in the intersection.  Once all utilities have been completely restored, PWD contractors will restore the street and footway. 

    The anticipated construction schedule should be available by the middle of next week.  In the meantime, the intersection will remain closed until further notice, according to PWD.