Pa. Pipe Bomb Maker Gets 30 Months in Prison

Bucks County man turned in by mom sentenced for pipe bombs

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    Warrington Township Police
    John Grzyminski was sentenced for having pipe bombs.

    A Bucks County man who was turned in by his mother has been sentenced to 30 months in prison for making pipe bombs.

    John Grzyminski, 50, pleaded guilty in September to charges related to three homemade explosive devices found at his home in Warrington in May.

    He was sentenced in federal court in Philadelphia on Friday on the charge of illegal possession of an unregistered explosive device. He had faced up to 10 years.

    John Grzyminski's mother told investigators she felt threatened by her own son after she came home from the hospital in May to find that he'd removed her wheelchair access to her own home, according to court documents released after his arrest.

    Pipe Bomber Suspect Arrested

    [PHI] Pipe Bomber Suspect Arrested
    John Grzyminski was arrested Thursday for explosive devices found in his home in Warrington Township, Bucks County said police. According to investigators Gryzyminski's mother found a suspicious device in their home on Wednesday and called the police. NBC10's Terry Ruggles reports.

    The mother, Catherine Wilson, was brought home from the hospital by her other son, Michael. When they arrived at her home on Saddle Drive in Warrington, Bucks County, Pa., that afternoon, they were confronted by John Grzyminski, according to the criminal complaint. He had been staying at the house.

    According to the affidavit: 

    "Wilson stated that she felt that John Grzyminski did not want her back at the house as he had intentionally removed her wheelchair access in the house while she was gone. The two brothers got into an argument and Wilson called 911."

    The mom told police she was also concerned because her son had a number of firearms in the house. Police told her that he was within his legal rights and left.

    A short time later, the suspect's mother and brother discovered what turned out to be a pipe bomb, in the kitchen. They called police again and that's when the Philly bomb squad and Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms agents were called in to help. At that point, Grzyminski told them his family had found a fireworks device for the Fourth of July. They ended up disabling three pipe bombs, according to court documents.

    After eluding police for nearly a day, the suspect was nabbed during a traffic stop. At that point, he told NBC10 "I ain't no terrorist." Grzyminski told us he used the pipe bombs in the woods, for hunting.