Philly Archdiocese Considers Selling Nursing Homes

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    The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Philadelphia is considering selling its six nursing home properties and outsourcing maintenance of its 11 cemeteries in the midst of a budget shortfall.

    In a statement Tuesday, the Archdiocese announced the potential sale of the nursing homes, saying some conditions would have to be met for any agreement to be reached. Any potential buyer would have to agree to keep all of its residents, and "every effort'' should be made to retain its current employees.

    The six homes have 1,400 beds.

    The Archdiocese says it will retain ownership of the cemeteries, but will look into outsourcing their management and operations.

    Documents released in July indicated the Archdiocese had a $39 million deficit last year, but church officials have said their financial situation has since improved.

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