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DA: Mom Injected Daughter With Heroin

The mom's accused of getting her daughter hooked on pot, then heroin and injecting the drug when the young teen was too sick to do it herself



    A Pennsylvania woman faces child endangerment charges for allegedly getting her teenage daughter hooked on heroin.

    Investigators say Brandi Baumgardner, from Beaver Springs, began smoking marijuana with her daughter when she was 12 years old. The girl told authorities she began using harder drugs later, beginning her heroin habit at 14.

    Baumgardner allegedly injected her daughter with drugs when she was too sick to do it herself. The girl is currently in a residential treatment center.

    The Sunbury Daily Item reports the teen's interviews with police also led to charges against a man she said traded her drugs for sex.

    A preliminary hearing for Baumgardner is scheduled for June 21. Her attorney could not immediately be reached for comment Friday.