Einstein's Brain Matter Comes to Mütter

An impressive brain comes to the museum that would appreciate it the most

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    Philadelphia's Mütter Museum has some pieces of Albert Einstein's brain on display.

    Lucy Rorke-Adams donated 46 slides of Einstein's gray matter Thursday to the Mutter Museum of the College of Physicians.

    The 82-year-old doctor neuropathologist has worked at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia for 47 years. She said she wanted to make sure the slides were safely in a museum.

    She says Einstein's brain looks youthful for a man his age. He was 76 when he died in 1955.

    A colleague gave her the slides in the mid-1970s. That person got them from the widow of a doctor who helped arrange for the preparation of the brain samples.

    The bulk of Einstein's brain is at the University Medical Center at Princeton, where the autopsy was performed.