No Tipping at New Fishtown Restaurant

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    Philadelphia Business Journal
    Restaurateurs Cristian Mora and chef Brian Oliveira are creating Girard, a restaurant where tipping is not necessary.

    Restaurateurs Cristian Mora and chef Brian Oliveira are hoping their new business model will create a better quality of life for both their employees and patrons.

    Girard Brasserie and Bruncherie, which is slated to open at the unfinished site of Girard and Marlboro in September, will boast a sense of European flare—in both flavor and style.

    The restaurant will be adopting the European style of offering servers higher hourly wages but will not promote tipping. Customers shouldn’t expect to pay more than the price of their meal, but may tip extra if they’ve received stellar service.

    “No tips” may have its benefits. Servers will make $11 dollars an hour, and get paid time off, paid sick days, and health benefits—all at the expense of the restaurant.

    “It’s in everyone’s interest that restaurant workers have sick days,” Mora said. Read more about this story on

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