Enrollment Opens for 30,000+ in Delaware | NBC 10 Philadelphia
Affordable Care Act

Affordable Care Act

Affordable Care Act Enrollment Begins

Enrollment Opens for 30,000+ in Delaware



    Delaware officials are hoping to enroll more than a third of the state's 90,000 uninsured residents in the state's new health insurance exchange as open enrollment began.

    But even as open enrollment got underway Tuesday, officials were urging patience.

    People using a portal on the state's new health care reform website that links to the federal computer system for enrolling people in the exchange found delays as heavy traffic inundated the system.

    Delaware officials also were still awaiting final certification for many of the marketplace guides being hired to help people learn about and enroll in the health care exchange.

    In addition to people enrolling in Delaware's exchange, officials say up to 30,000 residents will be eligible for health care coverage starting Jan. 1 under Medicaid expansion.

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